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I am a big fan of XBMC and am a huge fan of how it visually displays my media and the ability to tweak this UI. When it came time to to revamp my home entertainment center I wanted a dedicated XBMC set top box, so I purchased an Acer Revo R3700 and ran got live to run on the R3700. Here is where my frustrations begin, although I can play my videos fine for the most part, where or how do I begin to make it look visually stunning with the fanart on tiles displaying television shows? Or how do I get my movies to look on my screen where I can see more than one movie at a time and when I select the movie another screen pops up showing synopsis, audio, resolution, view trailer option, actors, etc... and all with fanart as the backdrops?

I guess the big question is how do I tweak my HTPC? I've got the dedicated Acer R3700, keyboard it came connected to my home receiver via HDMI. All the media comes from a drobo which has about 8TB of content. Do I have to create a new build with new tweaks from my laptop and reload the entire system with every update or adjustment? From there how do I properly display my movies and television shows? I go to library mode and every movie title takes up like 30 tiles and not every tile leads to the movie and so I have to not use library mode and navigate through the file system. I have changed all my files such that they conform to the naming structures for the most part like having one video file within each file that has the name of the movie along with the year (for scraping reasons, right?).

I also want to use my harmony 1000, eventually. I'm new to this XBMC and want to thank the community for helping me out. Smile
Start here for some step by step guides (search for the guide you need within that forum).

Also check out the XBMC Wiki. Start with "Getting Started"! Then the FAQs are great resource too.
Thanks for the links, I've looked it up and I've added media to my library under TV shows, Movies and Music Videos. I still have the same problem, when I am viewing my movies in Library Mode there are still like 30 icons with the same movie title on there, how do I get rid of all the duplicate icons and just have one icon per movie?
To get rid of duplicate entries, go to your settings and clean the library, it should remove any duplicates that no longer point to anything. Another big thing that could be the reason a lot of your media isn't showing up in the Library is your naming convention for the files. If the convention is wrong/missing, it won't scrape properly, and thus won't appear in your library. What kind of folder structure/naming convention are you using for your movies and TV Shows?
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