Anyone ever 'finished' an xbmc box?
Or, like me, do you spend all your time fiddling & configuring & finding more add-ons & configuring them & just when you get it absolutely awesome, get bored & play with it some more Rofl

Honestly, I love xbmc, it's amazing. I used to be heavily into modified cars & I don't think I ever 'finished' a single one.
I feel my relationship with XBMC is going to be the same.

Don't know what I'll do if i ever get to the point where I've run out of stuff to add.
Learn Python & make my own add-ons possibly?

Anyway, big thanks to the Devs & the community. Don't go changing!
It has almost finished me a few times. Wink
My main HTPC is finished cause i would kill myself if it doesn't work when I want to watch a movie/tvshow or play music Tongue
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I've got to a point where everything works and I'm happy with, I try and stay away from some sections on the forum as I know If I go looking I'd find something else I'd want to try out and tweak lol
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I do normally for about a week, then find something else to buy/tweak/install and it starts all over again Sad haha
Set Up
Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc - XBMC 12.2
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I say it's finished until I see a tip or trick.. then it's back at it again until it all goes sproing!.. then I use my back-ups.. pull my last strands of hair and dig in deeper.... polish it up, collect more until I see a tip or trick...sproing!

Weekly cycles...
Mine is pretty much done as I use it for my everyday tv watching. However, I am really wanting to put an SSD in it..... lol
Good to know it's not just me!

Been buying parts for my new box as & when funds allow.
Although the specs on that have changed about 10 times Smile
m7cky your first post could easily be a post of mine. I try to tweak XBMC all the time, even to the point that stuff won't work anymore. Then i'll get annoyed and reinstall and start all over again... Laugh

I seem to have it finished and working great. I then decide to tweak it and end up breaking it Sad
Like everyone else, get XBMC working the way I want it and then decide to do something and break it. Best piece of advice is to back-up the libraries of your TV Series and Movies therefore making setting up again a cinch.
(2012-04-23, 10:04)Devaron Wrote: m7cky your first post could easily be a post of mine. I try to tweak XBMC all the time, even to the point that stuff won't work anymore. Then i'll get annoyed and reinstall and start all over again... Laugh

You must know how many times I've messed up my system and had to re-install. I must be dim witted because this always happens to my main media machine, not the testbench machine Big Grin

Noli illegitimi carborundum

When I started building out XBMC systems for friends and relatives, I realized just how much I was subconsciously breaking my own systems with endless tweaking and "fixes." It only took me about two hours to set up a perfectly functional XBMC Live + Sab and Sickbeard setup for my brother. He hasn't needed any maintenance or had any issues in over six months (I stopped by a few weeks ago to install Eden).

Obviously, the hobbyist has a psychological need to fix something, and will break something first in order to fill that need.
I am the same, I did have it finished until I saw the PVR section and thought whats this, tv how cool. lol
I'll probably keep tweaking until i get bored and find something else to mess with, i've gone from installing homebrew on my PS3, making an emulator box with Hyperspin on an old laptop, Setting up Plex on my Mac mini and now moving onto XBMC on the same mini.
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