No video then black screen after idle...
I've had a very weird issue pop up today. If my XBMC box is idle, it displays the screensaver for a while and then it just cuts off the video output--my Yamaha receiver displays it's "no video" picture. If I press a key, the screen will go black (no more Yamaha no video screen) but the XBMC interface never comes back on. After a while, it will cut back to the receiver's no video screen.

The machine is not going into sleep or suspend mode -- I can keep a putty session open the whole time, and use the system remotely without trouble. It just seems XBMC is not wanting to resume for some reason. There is absolutely nothing in the log file to indicate what's going on. The last entry is before the screen goes off, and nothing is written after pressing a key and getting a black screen, etc.
I'm having the same issue intermittently with my Asrock Ion330. No matter of inputs will seem to wake the screen back up.
However, when I then SSH in and reboot, The XBMC loading screen will come up as it shuts down!

Never had this issue with Dharma
Same thing with Ubuntu 11.10 and Eden. And I can't recall when it started. Strange thing is that it only happens when in XBMC, and not when on desktop.
I've been thinking this through. I think the behaviour appeared when I made XBMC my default session, and it stuck even though I changed back to Unity now.

If I start XBMC, press the backslash twice (change to windowed and back to full screen), then this doesn't happen. If I don't, then switching sources will make XBMC go black, even though the session is alive. Pressing backslash or doing a blind reboot will make source come alive or PC reboot.
Exact same problem here with an ASRock ION330HT amnd Openelec 2.00 Beta 4 (tho it's been happening for approx a year). "reboot" from SSH is the way I've made i work.
Did anyone manage to fix this problem? I've still got this running Frodo Beta 1.
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