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Using my own .nfo file the writer is not showing up
I'm using my own .nfo, all the movie information is showing up. Apart from the writer. I have tried many diffrent tags. eg <writer> <writing> <writers>. Nothing works, any ideas in what i'm doing wrong. I'm using rapier skin if that healps. Thanks
Compare your nfo to one exported from the library (you can export to a single file/folder structure and just grab a section out of videodb.xml)
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thanks, it doesn't even list writer in it.

Heres the code from the .nfo file i'm using

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<video />
<plot>Two guys who invent agame played in their driveway that quickly becomes a national obsession and catapults them into the spotlight.</plot>
<runtime>99 min</runtime>
<director>David Zucker</director>
<writer>David Zucker</writer>
<name>Trey Parker</name>
<role>Joe Cooper</role>
<thumb>c:\documents and settings\lemon\my documents\my videos\actors\trey_parker.jpg</thumb>
<name>Matt Stone</name>
<role>Doug Remer</role>
<thumb>c:\documents and settings\lemon\my documents\my videos\actors\matt_stone.jpg</thumb>
<name>Dian Bachar</name>
<role>Squeak Scolari</role>
<thumb>c:\documents and settings\lemon\my documents\my videos\actors\dian_bachar.jpg</thumb>
I have .nfo files generate by Ember Media Manager. The info that shows up as writers in XBMC is actaul called credits in my .nfo files. I would think <writer> would be more appropriate.
<credits>Richard Wenk</credits>
Read this before using these builds.
<credits> tag works thanks for the help
Would it not make more sense to have <writer> tags instead of <credits>?
Read this before using these builds.
If any changes are going to be made to the exported .nfo's, I hope some of the things that are completely missing from the .nfo will be taken into consideration. I'm personally very tired of having to redo the zoom mode of my hundreds of music videos everytime I've nuked my database for some reason. And allowing a movie to be part of multiple sets (which can be done by manually editing the database, but isn't possible to define in the .nfo's)

Using my own .nfo file the writer is not showing up00