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[Plugin/Add on Request]= TV/Movie's/PPV Channel
Hi. i decided to do this thread in a sense that......instead of posting different thread's for site's that we would like to be made in to Add on's for Video section in XBMC, we can just post it here in one that it wont be lost in the shuffle. of constant thread's being made.. in this forum!
Example i have two that i would love to be made in to add on's next to the superusvox one, but sadly my knowledge in making add on's is zilch! but I'm doing the research in how to make them!!
also you should put why you want this made into a Add on

also Mod's can u add merge..any of the Add on Request to this Thread so it can be more simpler!!

Reason: one its very similar to. Superusvox, but it also has it's own movie..collection and ppv section which can comes in handy,also the quality of the channels are very..reliable an updated!!
so it's/movies/pp-v and live TV streaming! all in one!!

Reason: this one always has access to sky sport's 1-3!

Reason: This site has been a huge saviour for me as of late.
F1 in HD, UFC Events live in HD plus virtually everything else you can think of...
Just putting it out there in the hope someone can either create a new plugin for this site, or edit/mod an existing one to incorporate this site.

Agree, a worthy candidate for a plugin, sorry but i can't program!!
Good idea,

There's a thread for as well, so we could merge that,, etc all Into here and have a good reference point.

I can only dream of the day we get all of the above merged into sports devil Smile
yea so true!! ........i think sport's devil has much potential..but! i would so love to see...something evolve!! It...
Keep checking in on this thread in the hope someone will make a plugin , as it would be a great addition to everyones set-up!!
Any use on this happening.
Really want to be using this on my iPhone.....

[Plugin/Add on Request]= TV/Movie's/PPV Channel 00