Issues with current setup, need help getting it right
So I have been using XBMC for a while now. Originally I used it on my desktop because it was a nice setup and didn't require me to use additional codecs. However at that point I was using an Xbox360 in the living room to play certain content (some just wouldn't play). Well while updating my desktop I decided now was the time to build an HTPC and use the replaced parts in it.

HTPC is as follows:
AMD 965 Phenom II BE
8GB Corsair Dominator RAM
Corsair Theater case
Netgear WNDA3700 v2 wireless card

Originally she ran fantastic. No issues minus a few 1080P movies not running right. Chalked up to being to big of a file. However I recently began having issues again.

My desktop is also running wireless with 2TB and all of my movies on it. I stream through a Netgear router that also handles the internet to all systems.

I currently am running Windows 7 and Eden. The HTPC pulls the movies from my desktops shared folder. I would rather be running XBMCbuntu, however I cannot get my wireless card on the HTPC to work with it. I am fairly sure that changing OS's will fix the issue though.

I greatly need help as now almost every movie I play buffers every few seconds. As I type this I am trying to watch Mission Impossible but it buffers a few times then goes back to the playlist.

If anybody can help me to either get XBMCbuntu to run my wireless adapter and see if that helps or get Windows to work properly I would really be greatfull. This is really driving me nuts. Not to mention my wife is beginning to think the extra parts to finish the HTPC were a waste of money and I need to prove her wrong.

Thanks all.
Are you running wireless N or G? What router do you have?

To determine if its a bandwidth or software issue, I would try connecting the HTPC with a Cat5 cable to your router and see if that fixes the issue. If that doesn't fix it I would then try connecting your Desktop hardwired to your router or directly connect your HTPC to your desktop with a crossover cable.

If either of those solves your issue you need to determine where the bandwidth bottleneck is. Could be one or both of the wireless adapters or the wireless router itself.

But it sounds to me like it's a bandwidth issue.
The router is a WNDR3700. I get great bandwidth on both systems while downloading content or browsing. I actually went out and bought two 15 ft. ethernet cables but it just wouldn't work. The room my desktop is in doesn't have basement underneath. The HTPC is on one side of the house, desktop on the other and router in-between. However I will say that if I could hardwire the systems they would work great together. I still kind of feel this is a Windows issue. I can stream the same content to my laptop running Ubuntu with zero issues.
What happens when you play a video file straight from the HTPC and not streaming from your desktop.

Have you tried playing the files through VLC or MPC?

Also is there any other traffic from your PC? Torrents seeding? Etc?
If I play it directly off of the HTPC then it plays just fine. I haven't tried to play it through VLC or MPC yet. I'll have to give it a shot. And as for extra tarffic I have run the system during normal operations (ie: desktop running for a few days) and I have run it with both systems on a fresh restart. It's been the same issue.
So far no luck. Made it through an entire movie last night but when I attempted to play another it started skipping again.
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Issues with current setup, need help getting it right00
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