No boot with TV off

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I build my new HTPC a few month back.
AMD A6-3500

i started out with OPENELEC on it, but i had an issue with the HTPC booting up when my TV is OFF.

So i changed to Win7 + XBMC EDEN
But the problem just followed me here.

my setup is like this HTPC-----(hdmi)------> YAMAHA 5,1 reciever-------(hdmi)------> panasonic G20 TV

If my TV and reciever is turned of the HTPC will not boot. And when i turn my TV on its showing some weird resulution and black screen. Im sure that windows is not running brcause i cant see the HTPC on my network.

And i dont wanna spend 80$ on some HDMI detection hardware.

Best regards
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Have you bypassed the receiver in this setup to see what happens? I've read other posts with different troubles and the common thing seems to be a receiver in the chain.

It is odd the PC will not even boot without the receiver and TV on. You need to look into the BIOS for anything that might relate to that. XBMC has no control over your boot process.

Read this before using these builds.
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