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AppleTV 1 (silver) - (Help) "Error: Update script exited with status: 126"
Hello everybody! I´m new in the forum. Sorry for my bad english, it´s because my native language is spanish. Recently I buy an Apple Tv first generation and I flash with ATVFlash. Then I install the Launcher for XMBC version 3.2.5. Next I choose the Launcher options for download XMBC (there is 3 different versions, I try all). When the download ends (45.6 MB) appear an "error: Update script exited with status: 126"

Here is the picture of the error


Can you help me? Thanks you
I make a factory reset, but the error continue
syslog will show why
MediaInfo :
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Thanks davilla, but where is the syslog? I found the Crash Report Log, look:

It´s something bad?

(Help) "Error: Update script exited with status: 126" 00