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Viewing sports by using streams
Hi hope somebody here can point me in the right direction

I am new to xbmc and would like to know how I can add sports channels like sky sports etc to xbmc.

I have read on various forums about adding .xml files etc but cannot find for the life of me a tutorial to do this, I did post this question on another xbmc forum but no help was given.

I have added sports devil but get a script error when I try to use it, I have also read that it is not very reliable.

Any help much appreciated.


Not sure if it's the right direction.. but here goes. is the forum for 'sports devil' you might get some satisfaction there. You might just consider streaming the channels you want through something like 'Live Streams' it's pretty esay to add to the .xml lists and there's tons of stuff, and is updated (a lot of dead links as addresses move around like water) by users like you. not sure if it's in the repo anymore but it still works for me under Eden, and I've seen sports channels from around the world.
Thanks for the great info

just one more question is there a site i can go to to get all the latest .xml files, i only asked because i added one the other day which worked great but now the streams seem to be dead.

There is a common library of links, check in the Live Streams forum for the links... it used to be updated almost weekly.. you might have to read from the last post backward to find the links, but you'll pikc-up a lot of tips & tricks along the way.
ok i will check just to confirm is this the livestreams forum

thanks again

Looks like both links concern themselves with Live Streams. I didn't want to drown you 3 posts in...

as an alternative to .strm files


Viewing sports by using streams00