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'Accurate' Movie count in library view?
Correct. But they had not considered the issue i threw in Wink
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Thanks for the comments, I am using the beautiful Neon Skin. I have also posted the issue there but the threads there are a little slow at the moment. As suggested above I do indeed want to know how many Movies I have including the ones in sets even when using a particular library view (in this case MediaView 2). I have seen quite a few similar requests and thought that this could be a way of doing it. I know it would be a modification.

Does the php code '$INFO[Window(Home).Property(Movies.Count)]' count the total movies in your movie folders or the total movies in the current view?

I like Kricker's idea on previous page of the two different counts - IS this possible?

BTW - sorry but I don't know how to open a track ticket...
As I said, it's the total number of movies in your library whether they're in sets or not.
thanks, any ideas how I could implement this into the neon skin - mediaview2 by any chance?
I believe Hitcher gave you the code above. You just need to figure out where to put it now. Find the screen file for the view you want to edit and start browsing thru the code. You should be able to find it.
Read this before using these builds.
thanks for your help - if I get stuck I will post in the relevant skin forum instead.

'Accurate' Movie count in library view?00