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Windows - Problem with windows after stopping starting reciever
I have a setup on a windows 7 sp1 x64 machine where I run xbmc.

I have it hooked up to a Pioneer VSX-921 through hdmi. From there I connect it to the tv.

The problem comes after watching telly I turn off the tv and the reciever. (Don't want sound on the reciever all the time)

When I come back and start my reciever and telly the picture shows up fine.

When I start playing something then xbmc freezes. I think it is the sound that has gone away.

Is there anyway to make windows restart the sound after the receiver have started up again? I have tried with both an AMD/ATI card and a Nvidia card. They act the same.

Would it work better if I switched over to ubuntu and xbmc there? It is really annoying and hope for some help on this issue.
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Problem with windows after stopping starting reciever00