Still having trouble with keymapping/keyboard.xml
All I really want to do is get a now playing button on my mce remote. I have a cheapo version - VRC-1100 on the wiki. It only appears as HID compliant device/composite device in device manager so I know my options are limited.

It worked out of the box but I used eventghost long ago to have the green button start xbmc. I have uninstalled eventghost and have been using this: and it works perfectly, it remapped a few buttons - up, down side to side arrows and number keys to various functions and now the green start button will push it into full screen if it ever comes out.

However, my attempts at changing just one damn key are still frustrating me. I want to change live tv - which currently sends 't' to send the command for activatewindow(videoplaylist) aka the 'tab' button. And swap the recorded tv button (which sends 'o') to activatewindow(musicplaylist).

Using mcekeymapper - nothing works, I can't just change live tv to doesn't work, showkey shows it is not working. This I chalked up to not having the most compatible remote. However, if the regedit program worked for some keys, I figured editing keyboard.xml to have the 't' command give what I want...but nope nothing still. How do I make this workHuh?

All I want is a now playing button on my remote. If I had a remote with a zoom key, I assume this new reg edit keymap would make it work because mcekeymapper is showing that mapped to tab, but alas its not there.

If there is no way to do it, can someone direct me to a remote on amazon that will 100% work?
The LiveTV button sends ctrl-T. NB don't confuse this with MyTV, which sends ctrl-shift-T.

The easiest way to make a key mapping file is with KeyMapEdit from
keymapedit is great...its basically the same as xbmc's mcekeymapper only much simpler and less sometimes (and i dont know if its windows 8 or eden) but for me to use mcekeymapper i need to run xbmc as administrator for the settings to be saved and then run it normally for the setting to have an effect...but dont forget no matter what you do you will have to restart windows for any registry changes to take effect...another noteworthy program I use often is called AutoHotKey its a pretty simple programming language but it is another new language and there are simpler options for your purposes...anyway, keymapedit should solve all of your problems
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Still having trouble with keymapping/keyboard.xml00