xbmc alpha frodo problem with screensaver
okay this is really annoying now. im on the new monthly and basically if i leave xbmc alone and come back a few hours later, it will not 'undim' from the screensaver set.

is there a fix for this? its occuring with all skins,
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debug log (wiki)?
humm, interesting. I'm seeing this on an embedded box and am trying to chase it down.

try this as a possible hack fix, go into settings, turn off the screensaver, exit settings. then back in and turn it back to dim.

dirty-region rendering enabled?
we really would like to see your xbmc.log with debug enable.
This has happened to me a handful of times in the last month, but it's so intermittent and I haven't been able to reproduce it yet to catch it on a debug log. It seems that once it happens, you're stuck with it until you restart. No amount of commands appear to deactivate the screensaver, whether you're using keyboard/mouse/phone/web. Curiously, switching to another skin and then back will release the Dim, but only one time. Wait a few minutes and you're on permadim again (unless you restart XBMC).
yep, I tried a number of things in code and nothing has turned up. It's a tricky bug somewhere.
This has also happened to me a handful of times, running Eden
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