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Hey, I just wanna say thanks for such a customizable and beautiful skin. I've spent my fair share of hours just playing around with the settings, gettinging it to work exactly how I want it. I just have one question.

When I'm playing music I've set the now playing widget to rotate and display extra info about the band which Is an awesome feature, however only one of the two frames have the artist slides how going on. Is there anyway we can have the sideshow in both frames or maybe keep the album artwork in one and sideshow in other? Or maybe I've set it up wrong, who knows Tongue

It would also be nice if the extra info could be spread across widget a bit more it seems a bit cramped to the left.

Thanks for your time!

EDIT: I am talking about the widget that is displayed while browsing the menus, not the widget on the now playing screen.. That one is perfect Smile
Alright so now it's working perfectly, some magical gnomes must of come and fixed it for me Wink

It now displays, I'm gonna say, similar artists in the space between the extra info and the far right frame now displays pictures of those similar artists.

Swweeeeeeeeeeet. Big Grin
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