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news on demand.
Hey guys

any way this site:

could be put onto xbmc?

If so im need a wee but of explainin on how

thank you very much
If you throw into your browser you'll get the video feed. Note the date, so if you make a link for this one.. when the date changes the feed changes. Looks like a bit of Javascript behind this...

Thanks PatK for this.

You wouldnt know how to auto change the date would you?
I dont know programming ,maybe i just make a big list of future dates , i dunno

would i make a play list of some sort or rss?

seems this would take a while

create a bash script say call it

thedate=`date +"%b_%d_%a_%Y.m4v"`
rm cdjctv.txt > /dev/null
echo $addie$thedate | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]' >> cdjctv
echo $addie$thedate >> cdjctv
wget -i cdjctv

and add it to a cron job if your using linux.. or you could add it to run in your
menu depending on what skin you are using. The thing about running it as
a cron you need to know when todays video is added to site or it wont get it.
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