How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC
I've spent some time developing an XBMC embedded Squeezebox player/controller solution that basically embeds a software squeezebox music player. And a by-product of this is an easy system for multiroom synchonised audio playback within XBMC.

Basically, rather than re-invent the wheel, I have tried to merge an XBMC system (and it's eye candy) - with an existing high quality infrastructure for synchronised multiroom audio. And it works really rather well. And you don't need any extra hardware (i.e. no actual squeezeboxes).

So - here's a quick recipe for easy, effective, synchronised multiroom audio in XBMC:

1. Install Logitech Media Server on your server (any machine that can reach your music library) - this runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and various NAS/embedded/plug type platforms. Scan your music library and then you're set at the server end. (N.B. if you are running LMS on the same machine as your XBMC install, change the LMS server settings to serve on port 9091 so it doesn't conflict with the XBMC JSON interface running on 9090). Restart LMS after changing the port...)

2. On your XBMC players - and note for local playback you will need a Win/Mac/Linux/Arm machine (currently I am experimenting with Raspberry Pi) - it's not possible on iOS machines unfortunately) - install my repo using the link in the right panel of this page: Add-on:XSqueeze (wiki) and from there install the XSqueeze add on.

3. Configure each of your XBMC's Add-on:XSqueeze (wiki) to point to your LMS server, and to have a separate MAC address for each install (under Local Playback) - so that they register as separate players.

4. Run XSqueeze on each player, and set up synchronisation. The easiest way to do this is from the LMS web interface on the server - just go to your server:9000 and use the drop down player menu at the top right to set up your sync groups.

....and wa la, synchronised network audio playback inside of XBMC (well, technically control & visualisation of the system in xbmc and playback alongside of xbmc, but the effect is the same)...

**** NOTE I have recently added a new player engine to XSqueeze (called squeezelite) - which now supports Spotify!. Spotify playback (even synchronised!) - is working well.
Sorry, no help w/out a *full debug log*
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How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC52
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