How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC
Thanks for the reply Bossanova, you just halted my purchase of tapatalk Smile
(2012-11-11, 05:56)bossanova808 Wrote: 1. Both machines are acting as clients for playback, so both need to run XSqueeze. Make sure you give them different MAC addresses in the settings so they register as different players.
I believe I did. They both run, and they have MAC-adresses according to system info. They are also recognized by LMS as separate players. I wonder if they are indeed both synched with each other, or if it goes only one way. But still, the playback should come from the same player when "local playback" is ticked?

(2012-11-11, 05:56)bossanova808 Wrote: 2. Because squeeze slave is running in the background, so manually kill that process if this happens.
That makes sense, will do try that next time.

(2012-11-11, 05:56)bossanova808 Wrote: 3. Spotify won't work due to drm issues
Too bad, especially because I run a spotify-integrated version of XBMC. This means that I can search Spotify in my music library. Is there any way of integrating the "rest of XBMC" into Xsqueeze, so all my playback is sent to the other player? Or is the synchronizing strictly limited to the music/media detected by the LMS on the designated hard drives?

(2012-11-11, 05:56)bossanova808 Wrote: 4. No
Developers choice must be respected, I can live with the graphics, but it leads me to another question.
5. Will your add-on work with the official xbmc remote for ios? I ask because I am thinking of setting up a raspberry pi with xbmc along with a pair of speakers. It would be great if they could occasionally play the same music as my primary setup.
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How To: Easy synchronised multiroom audio (inc. Spotify!) using XSqueeze in XBMC52
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