Using XBMC to play converted tv
I read through the wiki and maybe it's over my head. I'm new to the whole HTPC thing. What I want is to use a program to remove commercials from my recorded tv shows and then watch them in XMBC. Ideally I'd like to avoid having to rename files, I want it to be automated. I don't mind fixing a thing or two here and there, but if it can't be done without a lot of elbow grease I'll stick to using WMC for recorded tv. I've used MCE Buddy with MediaBrowser and had success, but it doesn't seem to translate to XBMC. Is this possible? Can it be done? What program would you suggest?
Check out EDL (wiki)
Thanks. I read the whole thing but have no idea what it means. I have no knowledge of computer programming so most if that doesn't help me. From what I understand it seems plausible that I could use MCE buddy to remove commercials aka comskip. Does anyone do this with XBMC? Can anyone help a newbie figure it out?
I'm not sure how updated the list of programs is, but with those programs you can scan the show files and it will create an EDL file that XBMC will use to skip commercials. Some will even edit the commercials out directly.

In other words, you would need to generate these EDL files for the shows before playing them back in XBMC. It might be possible to launch a script or something from within XBMC that will run the program, so you don't have to stop and get out a keyboard and mouse, but the exact how-to for something like that is a bit beyond me (at least for Windows).
Here is what I currently do. I record a tv show using WMC. Then I have MCE Buddy convert the file to MP4 and remove commercial. It names it and puts it in a folder. Then I use MediaBrowser to watch the show. I want to use XBMC instead. Is that possible?
I don't see why not. Just add the folder as a source in XBMC.
I did but they don't show up.
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