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Audio codec image is not displayed ...
Audio codec image is not displayed when I write following in MusicOSD.xml
<control type="image">
<description>Audio Codec Image</description>
<aspectratio align="right">keep</aspectratio>
Same code displays images in confluence.
It displays codec image when I play some thing from internet through Music Add-on but not when I play anything from Music library.
I think, It has path problem , it works with absolute path but not with relative path.
here "flagging/audio/" is relative path from media directory.
All codec images are present in "media/flagging/audio/".

Please help.
Thanks for help in advance.
I prefixed the path with "special://skin/media/" like following and it worked Smile
could You add label control and check what it will display when codec image will be missing?
<control type="label">
  <description>Audio Codec Image</description>
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Yes it is displaying: flagging/audio/MP3.png
for a mp3 song.

Audio codec image is not displayed ...00