Linux Airplay from iTunes is not working
Hey, I've done some sniffing around the forums for troubleshooting this problem without much luck.

I've checked to make sure avahi-daemon is running on the xbmc 11.0 computer (ubuntustudio).

What I have noticed on the remote computer (mac OS X 10.6.8 with iTunes 10.6.3) is that the iTunes airplay icon appears only when xbmc is started - indicating that it can see a device on bonjour corresponding with xbmc's startup. But my problem is that the airplay list is empty (or does not include the xbmc instance of airplay).

Adding "<enableairtunesdebuglog>1</enableairtunesdebuglog>" to "advancedsettings.xml", a snippet of the xbmc log file indicated an error with

11:40:51 T:139718176737152    INFO: AIRPLAY Server: Successfully initialized
11:40:51 T:139718176737152   DEBUG: SECTION:LoadDLL(
11:40:51 T:139718176737152   DEBUG: Loading:
11:40:51 T:139718176737152   ERROR: Unable to load, reason: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

any pointers in the right direction would be awesome. Huh

/usr/lib/ was empty

Installed libshairport0 from ppa:nathan-renniewaldock-xbmc-build-deps/precise

and still got error ( did not exist)

found that it indeed did not exist, but /usr/lib/ was created from the install

created a symlink from to
(sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ to /usr/lib/

and now it's streaming from iTunes!!

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Also, the port I was using for http, 8080, was conflicting with the airplay service (airplay was working, http not)
Changing http port to 8767 fixed it.
airplay soesn't announce on 8080 - must be something else conflicting then. Beside that - another broken ppa repository Sad
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