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(2015-07-10, 01:21)sarlan19 Wrote:
(2015-07-10, 00:06)gate1975mlm Wrote:
(2015-07-09, 18:11)Twister Wrote: Because AddonScriptorDE hasn't been active for a while I took a few hours (mainly to get into python) to fix this addon. I don't take any credit, since 99,9% of the code is his work. I also added IGN-First to folders. Feel free to comment.


Edit: It can also be downloaded via L0REs Repo:
German Discussion about more Addons of AddonScriptorDE can be found here
Edit2: Typo

Twister thanks so much for bringing this great Add On back to life! Smile

Everything seems to be working great so far but I do have one small request.

Would it be at all possible to add a "Play All" option so you can watch all episodes in the list one after the other continuously?

Thanks again Smile

Did not try the add on but play all is usually a kodi thing. Press c for the context menu and it should be at the top

Not seeing that option here.

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