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thank you very much for your reply.
i struggle with this log file as soon as i got up in the morning for almost 2 hours and couldnt figure how to to this.

i guess ill be waiting for the next version of it if it will come out Sad
maybe others have this problem too and have that tech. skill to point why it doesnt work or give the right info.

right now, i found IGN add-on(no need skill for that Smile ) that is something like a youtube channel,
not nearly as good as this add-on but i guess ill have to do with it.

by the way, i saw the post you added about phyton something only after i posted mine and i was surprised to see it was of 8 hours ago then, cause all other posts are from 2017.
needless to say, i understand nothingggg out of what you wrote there Smile))

again, thank you very much for taking the time to answer and fixing, you dont know how much it eases the mind of someone.

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