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The new location is

More info about this change can be found here:
opdenkamp / dushmaniac

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I just wanted to let all the TVHeadend users know that we've moved the git repository (as noted by Lars) but also to give some insight into why and what it means.

As you may know Andreas (andoma), the original author of TVH, has not been actively developing on the project for quite some time. He's been off doing other things like working on his own Media Centre system (showtime). He's also not been a DVB user for quite sometime which explains much of the reason he stopped developing.

However Andreas has agreed to transfer ownership of the repository to a github organisation. What does this mean? Basically the project is now owned by the community, which so far consists of 4/5 members (Andreas, John Tornblom (john-tornblom), Hein Rigolo, Myself (adamsutton) and a fifth silent member, but I'll give you a hint his picture is just above this post Wink ).

There are also several others involved that are not currently on the team membership list, but if you regularly pop along to #hts you'll probably know who they are.

What this should mean for TVH users is that there will be a rejuvenation in the project and we'll hopefully be trying to add new features in the coming months. We're all still learning the code base and have different skills that we'll bring to the project and we will continue to lean on Andreas for support and guidance. And interesting outcome of all this is Andreas seems more interested in TVH development again and has in fact been out this week and bought a DVB card Wink so we're hoping he might return to active development.

If anyone feels like contributing to the project then please do pop along to #hts for a chat. We don't just need DVB/C experts, there are many areas of the project that could do with some attention, from Web UI, through to packaging and general user support.

Anyway lets all hope that good things come out of this, but do give us some time to settle things down and find our feet before bombarding us with all the nice new shiny features you want Wink

And yes, we know everyone wants time-shift! So please don't ask for that one Wink

Adam (and the TVH team)
This is excellent news, thank you.
Great news.
Nice Big Grin.
I cant help you with the code but i can test the build (and i did it yesterday).
My first feedback on the changes is that you need to update the wiki for the EPG configure section Wink.
I'll go this week-end check the log if i see any errors.
One nice thing would be to see a gui option to start tvheadend with a delay, cause with my card (avermedia with saa3114) i get issue when tvheadend starts before that the load of the firmware (

Anyway thanks,

Hi Bibi,

I've had a read through that PR, I think there are definitely some issues there, particularly the fact that anyone who is not getting their stream from DVB (i.e. IPTV would come VERY unstuck). However I can see where you're coming from. I'm not sure what the answer is at the moment, but I agree that this should probably be a feature that's pushed to tvheadend rather than just the OE plugin.

If you've not already can you submit a feature request on (preferable) or

The wiki is currently being updated, but its slow going, because we have lots of other stuff to do. So you'll have to bare with us.

Thanks for the answer.
Can you indicate me where to create a feature request in ?

Just select "new issue" from menu bar and select feature in first dropdown of the form.


Can you scan the existing feature requests before submitting just incase someone has already entered it Wink

Nice to hear that project will be more actively developed.
For me one very important feature was missing in TVHeadend - support for hardware CI and CAM. Hopefully this feature will be added soon to TVHeadend. I saw someone put it as feature request ( ).

How stable is the current git of tvheadend? I mean, i noticed a lot a commits last weeks since the move of the source. Are things running a bit 'stable' (as far as possible i know it is not a stable release) or still better to wait? I am curious for the new commits although last time i tried i couldnt get things running.
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@dushmaniac: will the "new" tvheadend 3.2 be a part of the pulse-eight packages soon ? still using you repo for XBMC-PVR + Tvheadend, would be nice to know if I could stay there or have to switch the repos ?!?


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I can possibly answer on Lars behalf; the pulse eight repo should now be carrying 3.2.

From now on (as tvh is receiving active development) the PPA that Lars manages should simply be a direct replica of the official one (i.e. he'll build from the same source). Therefore you should have no problem having both the official (my launchpad ppa) and the pulse eight ppa side by side.

You'll probably get quicker updates from the official one as I will push changes there before I announce and then some time after, time permitting Lars will update the pulse eight PPA. I've not checked for example if the pulse eight PPA is carrying 3.2 or the update 3.2.18.


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