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marcdd2 Offline
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Smile  [HOW TO] Build a NAS4FREE w/MySQL
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I spent the last few nights building a NAS using NAS4Free 9.0 and installing a MySQL server on top of it to use for centralized storage and XBMC library. I am planning on making a HOW TO, but wanted to make sure that it hadn't been done already and that there was some interest since it would take some effort. Can people post if it is something you would have interest in? Also, if you know of another HOW TO can you point it out? I've searched around, but only found pieces.

Athlon x2 3.0GHz, 4GB, 80GB Intel 320 SSD, 3.5TB NAS4FREE, OpenElec, Frodo, Xperience 1080
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hernandito Offline
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I would love to see this!!. Thank you...

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rev105 Offline
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Hi marc, If you are still thinking of making a How to I would use it and very much appreciate it.
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Eskalibur Offline
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Wink  RE: [HOW TO] Build a NAS4FREE w/MySQL
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yes do it please please XD XD XD
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tortfeaser Offline
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Bring it on mate, that'd be great.
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HevvieEvvie Offline
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If no one has found a "How To" yet for MySql install on NAS then the below is the one I followed to get it installed on my Nas4Free box. Make sure you have the "FULL" version in stalled and not Embedded. Also you will have to use version Nas4Free 9.0 to "Pgk Get" the right packages. You may also install the full version on a USB.

All media library's are now in sync Smile

Follow these 3 links in order



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iainmacleod Offline
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Ok, I put together a bunch of information I found. You may find this useful...you may not.

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