[Release]PHIM47.COM (Vietnamese) Video On Demand
(2013-09-10, 19:48)kanalei2002 Wrote: Hi DknIght,

Is there anyway that we can decode links like this? I tried your GKplugin decode def in the file, but couldn't decode it. Thanks.

<embed name="flashplayer" src="http://player4.xixam.com/player.swf" FlashVars="plugins=http://player.xixam.com/plugins52/captions.swf,http://player4.xixam.com/plugins2/proxy.swf&proxy.image=http://phim.xixam.com/images/screen_play.png&proxy.link=xixam*418469ee4c58566522a46096c44318c96926ef53c77415ee76404aecb7b8958957d617b50fcf6170badc72b90d3834693dc9cc76633c014d61ff74baa5c42df115bae59cc464806b8860b15bd07d25cbc71f0cd293cffc5a6b01bf5230553b5e13f7b3539504534b1fe217e435182a2c&autostart=true&volume=100&captions.color=#ffff80&captions.fontFamily=Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif&captions.fontSize=17&captions.fontWeight=normal0" bgcolor="#000000" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="651" height="450" />

well, I can't just give out all my coding secrets now can i? LOL jk.. well first off the reason my GKPlugin decode function doesn't work on your url is that each site encrypts their url with a different encryption key and the key I used for my phim47 addon is specific to this site so it won't work for other site's encrypted url. The good news is that the same decode function should work on other sites as long as you know their key. The bad news is that the GKplugin has been updated so that it's very difficult to get the keys now. The same tricks I used for the phim47 addon won't work anymore and I haven't been successful with any of the other sites that has the updated versions. I did write an external program that can grab the real url no matter what key it uses but unfortunately it only works in windows which to me defeats the purpose of having xbmc if I can't run it on a media device. also, with the exception of maybe tvalacarta, I haven't seen any other developer trying to decrypt the GKplugin video links. I really wish some of the more seasoned addon developers would tackle decrypting the GKPlugin cause I've hit a road block and most of the really asian good sites use the GKplugin.
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