Win Is this better than MediaPortal?

I've got the MediaPortal (MePo) plugin installed. It took a while, but I finally got it working.

It is giving me some issues, and I noticed today that there are a lot more posts in this HTS Tvheadend thread than any of the other PVR subforums.

So, either HTS Tvheadend is better, or people who try it just can't figure it out. LOL

Here are my issues with MePo:

No Information Available - God! I hate seeing that! Every program on every channel. That's all there is. Is this fixed in Tvheadend?


Next, I get small jumps in my video about once a second. I uploaded a short, 4 minute sample recording to You Tube, but it does not seem to be as obvious when viewing over a crappy streaming video connection.

If you're interested, here's the video:

Finally, if all these features are "resolved" by swapping to Tvheadend, do I need to remove the MePo PVR client before getting Tvheadend to working or can I keep both?

What are the Pros and Cons of MePo verses Tvheadend?
well TVHeadend only works on Linux, so you would need that, to answer your questions, PVR channel data works, and I have never seen the whole jumping thing on TVHeadend. what specs do you have?
Well, then! ...never mind! Smile

I've got a Win7 PC, and I am a software developer for Windows products, so I really know my way around Windows systems.

I've tried Linux flavors in the past, but I can't ever seem to get over the learning curve hump.
Fair enough, but remember it's always beneficial and fun to learn new things! Big Grin
Well My Htpc is on windows 7 (amd a4-3400) and my desktop/server is also a win7 (amd phenomII) I use to run mediaportal as a backend , but like you said , lot of freezing , channel switching takes a bit 2 long for me , so I tried Tvheadend (I am Linux noob) in a Vmware with Ubuntu server 12.04 on my desktop and there is definitively a huge difference in resource used , channel switching , and freezing . You could try it and see if it works for you ,
I've only got one PC, which has an Intel Atom processor. It is the HTPC and runs the MePo backend.

So, if I were to build a Linux HTPC, how does Tvheadend compare to OpenELEC and XBMCbuntu?
It doesn't:

Tvheadend = DVB streaming server
OpenELEC = Custom Linux distribution focused on providing out of the box XBMC media system.
XBMCuntu = Pre-configured Ubuntu distro with XBMC installed ready to run

Tvheadend can of course be installed on both OpenELEC and XBMCuntu. Though OE is harder to compile for should you want to run a more up to date version (they only provide released versions).

The main advantage you may get with TVH over some of the other backends is in the cross-over with several key XBMC devs, but then the same is also true of at least one other backend. It's also very light weight compared to some others, but it does still lack some of the more complex functionality.

I guess its a case of trying it and seeing.

If Tvheadend (TVH) is a backend server, can I install it on this HTPC that is going to be running XBMC or does it need to be on another machine?

If I can install TVH on this HTPC, would I install it along with MediaPortal (MePo) until I decide on one or the other or would I need to remove MePo to prevent conflicts within the two systems (thinking of running 2 antivirus programs).
It can be installed on any machine you want as long as the machine has the DVB card installed. As someone else mentioned you can probably run it inside a virtual machine (VirtualBox is free software). That way you don't have to use Linux on your HTPC.
Crap. Someone help me, please.

I downloaded the OpenELEC program, installed it on the USB drive like it said, put in a flash card and booted off the USB drive.

But, OpenELEC installed on my primary hard drive, and not on the Flash card.

I've pulled the hard drive from that machine, and it looks like it is still an active partition when I plug it into another PC, but I can't read from it. I have Windows data that I need from this drive!

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