libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-01-14, 23:54)da-anda Wrote: Mizaki - I have the same issue with the Nexus 10, BUT I also tested one of Koying's early builds about 4 weeks ago and 1080p ran butterly smooth there without any glitches (tested up to a 8GB 1080p with DTS which was the max bitrate for my wifi) - so it's not ffmpeg but some change since then.

I should give some background info, here.

Actually, libstagefright comes in 2 flavors: Software rendering and hardware rendering
The actual decoding is common.

The first attempt was software rendering: we receive buffers in CPU encoded in a standard way, i.e. YUV. That one seems to work great on a number of devices including the Nexus 10, but then I could not get proper 1080p on my Nexus 7, probable because of a OS bug.

This was quite frustrating considering the Nexus 7 is the only device I can test with Smile

So I moved to HW rendering, where frames are decoded directly to GPU, with an opaque format. We can still intercept those to render but we cannot manipulate them. This is the current test build and the "tearing" effect is probably due to a different way of handling those GPU buffers amongst chipset vendors...

This one works great on Nexus 7 (and others, apparently).

It'll be quite difficult to blind debugging those tearing issues so otions are:
1) We revert to software rendering: I'll upload a package with this so that users can compare
2) Some dev with a device showing the issue digs in and try to find the cause
3) Users gather to sponsor me a problematic device
4) I seek sponsorship from the XBMC fondation Wink

[Edit] I should add that all common android player (MX, Dice, ...) probably use the HW rendering path.
What makes matters difficult is that XBMC is another beast than a simple player, namely because it is pure native and has its own rendering loop where decoding has to plug in...

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