libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-01-28, 03:08)speed32219 Wrote: The latest 1_27_13 build is a Major improvement. Great job!!! I tested all the movies that CrunCher said were failing both in 720P and 1080P from Utube and they are flawless! locked in at 23.98/24 fps stf-h264 with total CPU usage around 36-42%. Note: I don't much like testing across a wireless network using addon/plugin's for testing anyway (way to many variables), so downloaded them to the usb attached mass storage device. (720p streaming worked great though)

My previous samples were using a BD rip to MKV with USB mass storage attached for best performance. This is a HDDVD X264 AC3 that drops frames still using the USB attachment, but not as bad as 1_21_13 release. It pretty much locks at 24 fps with CPU usage around 71-74% for the first 3-5 minutes. Then when fps drops occur pc:1 becomes pc:none (codec o) and fps is erratic (13, 18, 21, 14.5, etc) and cpu usage 70-87%.

You are almost there with the rockchip 3066 dual core, again kudos for doing a fantastic job with achieving hw acceleration on these low end devices.


What is your Device and Firmware ?

MK808 Rockchip 3066 dual core. Fineless 1.6 Rom i see
it's pity that no one starts Tablet Firmwares and Kernels and all the development concentrates on those Sticks *grml* which is sad if you realize that the first Kernel Sources where Tablet based Sad

I will try some different older Firmware (Kernel releases, there where quiet a few because of all kind of issues) and see if that might bring a improvement on this Tablet for XBMC in the 1080p stability cases please note all these tests where done on the internal SDCard (Hynix Nand) not streaming of a Network.

here is another rendering issue i have to fight with even SD (it renders throughout the file squished like that,and again external hardware decoder player show no issues), it's crazy seeing this fail but 720p work Sad


here the file causing this

All these failing streams have 1 thing in common they all show this strange line on the top

Could it maybe have todo with the Rendering resolution and the Android Nav Bar ?

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