libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-02-04, 13:36)Koying Wrote: The rockchip device should reach me in the coming days Smile

For the next version, I'll implement "tweaks" via advanced settings (e.g. SW renderer, XVID decoder, ...), so that we could test different settings with the same build.

I think it's a good idea Smile

Though i would really like to know why the XBMC GPU Render behavior is so different on different RK 3066 devices but implementations like MX Player or Archos GPU Renderer seem to work everywhere ?

The Crash behavior for Jacuzzis RK 3066 HDMI stick (every test sample) sounds like the same experience i had with the first version of the libstagefright support on my Tablet it's really strange that it's such a vastly different experience it definitely doesn't makes debugging this easy @ all
I mean if you take into account that the VPU library never seem to change between firmware versions (or maybe it does ? ) Sad

PS: Does under Android means utilizing the Software Renderer is only through a Hardware Overlay ?

I guess it would be the best to find out on which Hardware is postprocessing really needed to go through a GPU Renderer instead of the Direct way to the Display as it seems Android is very well able to change on the fly between GUI GPU rendered stuff if it comes up and the Video Rendered as a Hardware Overlay in the background lower layer.
I can at least see that it dynamically changes it's rendering state based on what is visible in RockChips player for example if you call up the Android interface the Hardware Overlay is lost though only just for some seconds as long as the Android GUI needs to being rendered on the GPU on top but as soon as it got rendered the Hardware Overlay is back, and subtitles get generally decoded on the Hardware Overlay without problems (pretty efficient) Smile

PS: For RK 3066 users you can actually see if the VPU is being used also from the Kernel output you will see

vpu: power on

as the message and after playback

delayed vpu: power off...done

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