libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-02-08, 18:57)CruNcher Wrote:
(2013-02-08, 16:16)Koying Wrote: For rk3066 users, it actually seems *some* 1080p work, while others basically crashes the vpu. I'll work on that this WE.
yet have to find a 1080p bitstream that works without freeze.crash or reboot somewhere @ playback but it's nice that you trying to debug this you should look @ the 18.01 build and the changes after it Smile

Btw where those 50 ms delay on screen rendering results with downscaling involved (1080p->720p) ?
Well, tried the 18.01 version and it doesn't work any better (on Monsters, at least -> freeze).

I've found some kind of patterns, though. All 1080p 4.1 I've tried with ReFrames = 5 do work (I didn't find one with > 5 in my lib). All < 5 basically crashes the vpu...
You can check the value of a given file with MediaInfo.

Correction, the pattern seem to be that full size frames, i.e. 1920x1080, vs. cropped frames, e.g. 1920x800, make the vpu crash.
Furthermore, there something strange in the logcat:
I/OMXCodec( 1851): [OMX.rk.video_decoder.avc] video dimensions are 1920 x 1080
I/        (  90): init done status 0
I/        (  90): Width 1920 Height 1088
I/        (  90): videoRange 0, matrixCoefficients 1

No idea where the 1088 come from

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