libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
Koying i think i got a big step further solving this i can play the Zelda Medley exactly 1 time stable now (still partly random)

At least i found it for this 3.0.8+ Kernel it seems to be the SMP.

I can clearly reproduce this now

you have to turn of the 2nd CPU core

1. Set the governor on hotplug (wait till 1 core goes offline)
2. Set the governor to anything (the offline core wont come back)
3. Start XBMC start the Zelda Medley either playback will go through or come much deeper before it crashes

i have tested this it works for me to get more stable playback with the 1080p Zelda Medley in XMBC libstagefright on my RK 3066 Tablet with the Default 3.0.8+ Kernel.

hotplug/powersave (252 MHz) obviously cant really keep up with the rendering and stucks heavily in XBMC with this 1080p Youtube Video

rendering is flawless now and i come much further even entire run troughs are possible, some stucks happen still in the render pipeline but no big bugs anymore sometimes smaller render flaws, might be as this kernel runs only with a max of 1.27 GHz and with 1 core it's to low to keep everything running.

though the 2nd run doesn't have to be stable anymore if the first one was successful it can again crash (it's crazy)
also after the return to the GUI XBMC (the Kernel) might crash now even if you don't do anything @ all.

so it must be a problem with the multithreading of XBMC and the Rockchip Decoder somewhere, i guess Google uses multiple slices for encoding (which would make a lot of sense, with their multicore server infrastructure) thus means this also might affect Blu-Ray streams.

it's still not perfectly stable but i never could decode it that flawless and even get a whole playback cycle to run through (and that repeatedly and reproducible)



1 of the heaviest debugging i did so far with all this randomness around it Smile

As i guessed right the 2nd core stays offline (hotplug/performance)




Gonna change firmware back again knowing this now

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