libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
Proper status:
  • Sources
    As a reminder, the sources of the builds are XBMC master + this PR: I've updated the OP to make this clear.

  • VC-1
    I could not get it to work on any of the device I have. There is probably some metadata I should send before decoding, but even AOSP uses a proprietary lib for demux, "". I' ll need help on this one (like the sources of if available) or VC-1 will be a no-go.

  • rk3066
    For those not following, the Rockchip OMX components crash hard when trying to HW decode non-MOD16 height vids, both in h264 and in MP4. E.g. a 1080 or 406 height video will crash, while 416, 576, 800, 816, 1040 will work fine.
    The MiniX guys who provided me with a device will try to get me in contact with Rockchip.

  • Blacklisting
    I've started blacklisting problematic components. For now:
    • MP4 on tegra3: Unreliable. Fails to decode some vids late in the process, too late for proper fallback to SW decoding.
    • Non MOD16 height vids on Rockchip (see above)

  • Advanced settings
    At least for the duration of tests (don't shoot, davilla Wink ), I've added some advanced settings tweaks.
    The "use...codec" are self-explanatory. The "useswrenderer" one uses the SW rendering method if some want to try it.
    In my tests, it only works fine for 720p on Tegra3.

          <!--  -1 is default, 0 is never used this codec, 1 is always use this codec, bypassing blacklist -->


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