libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-02-24, 15:48)fun_ Wrote:
(2013-02-24, 13:47)Katch Wrote: Are we to assume that Herman's patched is required for further testing and development of these builds on RK3066 SoCs? If so we could do with a link and explanation in the OP or we'll end up with a slew of problems stemming from users not having installed that file.

I guess "reference RK3066 system image" may be necessary for testers...

there are many RK3066 products and there are many custom ROMs on the net. components will be changed very easily.
"hi. I'm using's awesome ROM!" "hi! I'm using's ultimate ROM!" "hi! I'm using Mr.baz's superb ROM!" these will not tell any important information.

it will be better to test XBMC/libstagefright on many systems as much as possible. but bug report from unknown system may give confusion to developer. (sorry, I'm not sure. debug log may give all information)

I don't say XBMC project should make own distribution(custom rom) specialized for RK3066 devices and enforcing it to users.
but I think it is possible to ask testers to try same system image(except kernel) as developer.

using "same system image" may cause some minor issue on device which has different hardware configuration. but I think it can be ignored for "testing XBMC/libstagefright" purpose.

if someone notice some issue on his system, then let's try to reproduce it on "reference system". if it is reproducible, there is a issue in XBMC or his kernel, let's start bug hunting.

if it isn't reproducible, there is a issue in his system. he should ask author of his system, not XBMC developer.

I agree with all of what you are saying - but something as pivotal for performance such as patched and specific modified libs that we are relying on for XBMC to function properly - need to be installed by testers as they will not be a stock part of any ROM -

Herman's is an excellent case in point. No stock ROM will contain his patch as it is too new to be at OEM level. ROM chefs (like myself over on Flashmyandroid) can start to include these patched libs once we are sure they are stable and as functional as possible.

In the meantime it will become important to know that we are working off the same libs.

PS - I assume you are the same fun_ that has been bringing CWM to RK3066 - props for your hard work in that area!
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