libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-02-24, 16:12)fun_ Wrote:
(2013-02-24, 16:06)CruNcher Wrote: the problem is the mpeg-2 decoder doesn't get called up by XBMC @ all though neither MX Player does load it in their H/W+ Mode
Archos Video Player has no issues calling it also with their non Hardware Overlay Rendering i wonder what for a path they chose here it doesn't look like a GPU Renderer nor it is a Hardware Overlay (default framework) it seems to be a Software memcpy not as fast as RKPlayer that way i wonder why they don't use the Hardware Overlay path like RKPlayer Smile

is there any visible difference in logcat output from these players?
I guess all players except MX H/W+ mode just use default framework provided by Rockchip...

sorry, it may be off-topic...

they all callup swrenderer so yes all player that use the default framework can benefit from the Hardware Overlay like the default Google Player does Wink
Though for some reason Archos doesn't want to Wink

Imho i find the idea of rendering the Video on a OpenGL surface silly for the GUI ok but for the Video hmm it's just overhead and if you don't want to manipulate the video layer why doing it ?

Chen is this still recent ?

<4>[ 4.366275] rk29_ipp: module is from the staging directory, the quality is unknown, you have been warned.
<4>[ 4.389178] ipp irq 47
<4>[ 4.391739] IPP init, version rk30-ipp 1.001

so ipp does the hardware overlay deinterlacing, i guess it's not a motion adaptive deinterlacer but a more simple field deinterlacer ?

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