libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
(2013-04-15, 16:11)droshi Wrote:
(2013-04-15, 13:43)ZIOLele Wrote: Maybe it's the wrong place, but i would like to know if a 12.2 version of xbmc with libstagefright is in the making?
If there is no plan to an "semi-official" (if i get it right, libstagefright support is unfficial) release, could some one provide some help on how to build this (again, if possible)? i'm willing to try, but onestly i don't have much experience in cross compiling for another arch, and don't know what switch to enable and what not for an android build.

I believe it's already been said earlier on in this post, but the answer was no. The XBMC team isn't working on it. But you can...if you check out the readme on github it has all the instructions to build xbmc for android.

Yes i've tried that, but i'm not so sure i'm doing it right, ence my posting :-D

In particular, reading the readme, when i t says to build dependencies i see it try to use x86_64 as final cpu for target and for host. I don't think it's right since my goal is to build an environment for android (arm processor) i've tried to use --with-cpu=armv7 and --with-cpu=arm but it insists
in using x86_64. As i've said i'm no expert at cross compiling, that's why I'm asking for some pointers.

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