libstagefright - Experimental hardware video decoding builds
downloaded 13.0-ALPHA5 Git:20130703-8bc564d from page 1, its running on a OUYA.

I used the iTunes trailers plug in and played Pacific Rim trailer 3 (720p AAC 2.0)

it definatly didnt run smooth (although it showed the framerate around 23-25 FPS)

I'm not sure if its just the file, or its my TV but the audio was quite low, i had to pump up the volume just to get it to hear it normally.

heres the log file

(making this post from my OUYA)

just a side note, the first time i tried playing the above video it didnt buffer enough and stopped playing, but when it started playing again the frames was massivly jumping around (stuttering, playing old frames in place of new ones) and then XBMC crashed, when i tried to restart XBMC but said it had a corrupt storage and needed cleared, unfortunatly it would not upload the log fine (deleted ?), i tried to unselect upload only current log file but it didnt work. the above log file is from a second attempt.

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