DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2013-02-10, 15:55)hanserson1 Wrote: Thanks for the answer Roman but this is already configured properly. Meanwhile I found the culprit. When I start BD ISOs the ReclockHelper.dll hangs and XBMC gets a time out. When I end the dll with the task manager XBMC proceeds to the menu slection and the BD starts to play after selection a title. Any suggestions why reclock behaves like this only with BD ISOs?

I don't use reclock, so no idea.

Quote:The second issue which came up is stopping mkv videos which are packed in rar. Using AV Splitter with LAV video codecs in the mediaconfig.xml does start these files correctly but once I push the stop button XMBC chrashes. This is reproducible almost every time I try to play rared mkv files. Am I the only one where this happens or is it a bug? I use the frodo version from the 2nd of Feb. in the first post of this thread.

Maybe a bug, maybe not. Anyway, this is a very weird use case. Why do you pack your videos in RAR anyway? Common compression algorithms (ZIP, RAR, LZW etc.) do not work on files which are already compressed with any type of multimedia compression (mp3, mpeg, xvid, h264 etc.), thus providing absolutely no compression benefits on such files.

(2013-02-11, 10:45)Skank Wrote: Roman?

If you keep nagging me every day, I'll add you to my ignore list, and that will be the end of story. If you haven't noticed, this is not a commercial product, and this topic is not a paid support line with response time set in a SLA, so I post in this topic only when I have time and (most importantly) desire to do so. Period.

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