DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2014-01-06, 16:43)deh2k7 Wrote:
(2014-01-06, 06:44)deh2k7 Wrote:
(2014-01-04, 19:36)deh2k7 Wrote: I've been away for quite some time and want to take advantage of some of the latest improvements. Currently I use a full LAV setup, splitter and decoders.

I'd like to update my setup to have DSPlayer with FFDShow RAW scaling to improve image quality. I assume I should also switch from LAVSplitter to AVSplitter. From my research, it looks like this is a good guide for setting up FFDShow RAW: http://www.ezoden.com/684/tutorial-htpc/7

Can someone confirm this and comment if any steps are unnecessary or anything else needs to be done for FFDShow RAW postprocessing? I am planning on using the AVISynth part of the setup.

As far as mediasconfig and filters config, can someone post their current XML for such a setup?

Finally, I have some questions about SVP. I'm just learning about it today. It looks like it also uses AVISynth in order to work. Does anyone have suggestions for how AVISyth should be set up with FFDShow RAW post processing? Maybe a pointer to another guide?

Are there any drawbacks to using SVP?

All of my files are either mkv or mpg, most are direct rips, but I have used x264 to re-encode my some of my larger BR Rips from my collection. Thanks again for the help!

OK, after digging around some more, i think i have found what I need for getting FFD in RAW mode and Avisynth working with my setup. I'll post my config once it's all complete.

I have a question, however. I set up multiple profiles for FFDShow for different processing based on qhat the original source material. FOr example 1080p material gets a lot let 'stuff' than 480 DVD rips. Unfortunately, whenever XBMC plays a file, only the standard 'default' profile is ever used, despeite me configuring for different profiles based on incoming resolution. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to use a profile other than default?

i realize that I may have been a bit unclear.

For ALL media files, regardless of resolution, in DSPlayer, I use the following config: AVSplitter, LAV for Audio/Video, and extra Filter for FFDShow RAW. I have separate profiles configured in FFDShow for different resolutions, i.e. don't want scaling resizing for 1080p, but i do for other incoming resolutions. I can't seem to get FFDShow to select the appropriate profile when XBMC calls the FFDShow RAW filter. Is this possible? If so, can someone provide an example on the FFDShow front to help me do this?
Can anyone else confirm this issue with ffdshow raw profiles not working? I'm waiting until a Gotham build is released to try DSPlayer, but that would be a deal breaker as I have profiles for different frame rates and resolutions. Losing that wouldn't work for me.

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