DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Without tweaking the configuration, I would say there is not much difference. It depends on your content, your display, your personal taste, etc. If you want to spend a good amount of time tweaking, you can follow the parts of this guide for setting up LAV, ffdshow and AVISynth (omitting the parts targeted at MPC-HC and madVR). Or you can try it all out in MPC-HC using EVR and decide if its any better before installing the DSPlayer build.

yea i tried MPC with the orginal build, but didn't like having the loss of controls inside of XBMC (like movie time left, stopping movie and XBMC remembering where i left off). i had SVP running with DS Player but i was getting halos and tearing on fast moving objects, that was more bothersome than the judder. was just wondering if using those filters instead of the internal filters was any better... if anything i can go back and forth between them by backing up my 2 folders. the main reason getting away from the original build was the judder and sometimes i would get dropped frames. any suggestions to fixing those two issues would be appreciated. i liked having SVP running, but that tearing bothered me...

FYI i have a 50 inch plasma (720p) and i play mostly 720p content (MKV's), i'm not an audio/videophile (at least not until we build our new house in a few years!) but id like it to be as clear as possible on what i'm working with.


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Agree with KenV99. It's going to depend on u, mainly. I notice big difference, but other ppl don't. And some ppl don't feel like bothering with all the tweaking in exchange for the "minor" changes.
(Personally i can't live without it, lol)

i don't mind doing any tweeking that's needed, ive reloaded XBMC enough times already so another round of tweeking is ok lol

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