DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available

I have yet to try but I think that everything will work with the various filters for subtitles not only with xy-VSFilter

however you have to start to testing this new features as i set it to be sure that all work correctly Smile

download and install this xy-VSFilter_3.0.0.211_Installer.exe

as i said in the filtersconfigs.xml i've added this new filter

<!-- Subs filters -->
    <filter name="xyvsfilter" type="subs">
      <osdname>XyVSFilter Auto</osdname>

so if you wanna exclude libsubs.dll you must add the new tag <subs filter in the mediaseconfig.xml in this way

<rule filetypes="mkv|avi|mp4">
    <source filter="avsource" />
    <splitter filter="avsplitter" />
    <video filter="lavvideodec" />
    <audio filter="ffdaudiodec" />    
    <subs filter="xyvsfilter" />

now xbmc work as usual but with xy-vsfilter controlled by xbmc's gui

xbmc should remember the last selected subtitle, but sometime if you select a stream and in a millisecond you close the player and you restart he cannot work correctly

in this cases i think that xbmc hasn't a time to store the selected stream information into the database

so you have to wait at least some seconds after you has changed the sub Smile

obviously if you want that xbmc use the libsubs.dll you have to remove <subs filter from the mediasconfig.xml

that's all

this is the build when we have tested for good we can build a setup




(2014-03-20, 03:27)tiben20 Wrote: i know that the old vsfilter was not able to use dxva, the xyvsfilter work with dxva??



can someone give me a gift and open the thread "DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Gotham build available" Smile?


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