DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
Thank aracnoz, I'm gonna try it later. Big Grin


(2014-03-21, 16:40)hoopsdavis Wrote: Can anyone tell me the basic steps to get this working, I installed aracnoz xbmc with dsplayer my videos fail to play, am I missing something?

Thanks in Advance

The configure guide can be found on the wiki:

Basically, if you only want to make it work, you can go to Settings > Video > DSPlayer > enable "Use system filters (DirectShow merits)".
This way, it will try to use your default DirectShow filters.

If you want to make custom filter chains, then you have to configure the files filtersconfig.xml and mediasconfig.xml.

The filtersconfig.xml contains the name of the filter and the GUID of the filter. Probably there's no need to edit this because I believe all the common codecs are already included.

Now the mediasconfig.xml is the important part, because here you build all the connection between DSPlayer and the filters.
You need to know a little bit of xml editting to understand what go where, but after understanding that, it is not hard.

By default, this is the chain for mkv:

<rule filetypes="mkv">
      <source filter="avsource" />
      <splitter filter="avsource" />
      <video filter="mpcvideodec" />
      <audio filter="ffdaudiodec" />

So, basically:
This rule is for the file with the extension: .mkv
Source/Splitter: AVSplitter
Video Codec: MPC Video Decoder (sorry, don't know the link to this codec)
Audio: FFDShow


For example, if you want to use LAV Filters for everything on mkv files, just replace the rule for mkv with the following:

<!-- mkv with lav -->
    <rule filetypes="mkv">
      <source filter="lavfsplitter" />
      <splitter filter="lavf_splitter" />
      <audio filter="lavaudiodec" />
      <video filter="lavvideodec" />
      <subs filter="xyvsfilter" />
Where, file extensions to use this settings: mkv
Source: it's "wrong" named as lavfsplitter in the default filtersconfig.xml, but it's the LAV Splitter Source filter.
Splitter: LAV Splitter
Audio: LAV Audio
Video: LAV Video
Subtitle: It will use the xy-vsfilter. If you want to use XBMC internal subtitle filter, just remove this line.

Personally, I like to add the extra filter FFDShow Raw Video Filter, in order to simple upscale the content to 1080p, before applying the subs to it (this way the subtitles gets way more definition).

Since filtersconfig.xml don't have by default the ffdshow raw filter, I added it by using:

<!-- ffdshow -->
    <filter name="ffdshowrawvideo" type="extra">
      <osdname>FFDShow Raw Video</osdname>

And then on mediasconfig.xml:
<!-- mkv with upscale -->
    <rule filetypes="mkv">
      <source filter="lavfsplitter" />
      <splitter filter="lavf_splitter" />
      <audio filter="lavaudiodec" />
      <video filter="lavvideodec" />
      <subs filter="xyvsfilter" />
        <extra filter="ffdshowrawvideo" />


It seems a little complicated, but this way you have the full control of what you want to be used on playback.

I was forgetting to say the locations of those xml files.
The default ones, that got overwritten if the XBMC is updated is placed at:

And your personal edited files, that will still be unchanged after the updates, should be copied from the default location and placed at (you may need to create the "dsplayer" folder):

Or, if using XBMC as portable (running with "XBMC.exe -p" command):

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