DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2014-03-22, 06:28)oldpoem Wrote:
(2014-03-22, 05:24)hentai23 Wrote: oh so you think he meant about the xy-vsfilter not being able to scale pgs subs and therefore using libsub for pgs subs , well if thats what he meant then again that would be a half assed solution to the problem , why not let the xy devs know about the issue at hand and therefore removing the need for libsub and thus avoiding having to add a .anime file naming to your animes entirely how bout that Nod, btw ive already let xy team know about this from the little info i was able to gather about this issue , lets see what they have to say i recon they would be the proper people to respond to this issue if im not mistaken

It is well-known limitation in xy-vsfilter implementation and xy dev stated this many times before. I believe they're trying to overcome these problems by writing newer filter from scratch (xysubfilter). But it does need something like MadVR as renderer.

(2014-03-22, 11:49)aracnoz Wrote: ok guys this is the last build with xy-vsfilter support fix

there is still something wrong with enable/disable button in dialog selector, but it's a small things to fix

anyway in the while let me know how work this build with xy-vsfilter


thanks ok guys as per inquiry ive started about this over at the xy team thread this is what they had to say

Quote:xy-vsfilter and other VSFilter like renderers are lost cause. Currently either you should use xysubfilter or internal subtitle renderer of MPC-HC (or BE ;p). About scaling PGS, this is rarely needed in fact more common are SD DVB subtitles in HD video. But anyway xysubfilter can handle all things well.

Quote:xy-VSFilter (VSFilter.dll) requires input from a video decoder, renders subtitles directly on the video at original resolution, then outputs the video frames to the video renderer. The main reason VSFilter exists is to essentially hardsub video in realtime. For playback this isn't optimal for quality (usually 4:2:0 YCbCr), but it has superior compatibility from taking special APIs and separate subtitle bitmaps out of the equation. It also can be used in VirtualDub and Avisynth, it you needed to encode a hardsubbed video from some reason.

XySubFilter (XySubFilter.dll) connects directly to a "Subtitle Consumer" using the SubRenderIntf we developed with madshi, and never touches video frames. The subtitles (4:4:4 RGB) are output at the resolution requested by the video renderer as separate bitmaps. This offers the highest quality for playback purposes, but requires explicit support of our subtitle interface. Currently only madVR and MPC-HC (EVR-CP/VMR9) support it. Everywhere else you'd be forced to use some other subtitle filter.

Quote:A couple days ago MPC-BE added support for PGS/DVB scaling in VSFilter.dll, but I haven't looked into it yet.

ive already asked for integration of this feature into the new Xy-SubFilter , so essentially we should upgrade to the better Xy-SubFilter, since where going for best possible quality here and madvr integration anyhow, damn it i knew ive missed something

UPDATE to the above comment

Quote:The lack of PGS/DVB scaling is only a problem when using xy-VSFilter (VSFilter.dll), since it requires the PGS/DVB resolution to match the video resolution.

With XySubFilter this is not a problem, since it never touches video frames. PGS/DVB scaling is instead performed by Subtitle Consumer if needed, which both madVR and MPC-HC (EVR-CP/VMR9) support.

so its already supported !!!!! another reason to make the transition immediately if not the other reasons werent already enough NodNodNodNodNod

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