DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-02-14, 08:24)Bjur Wrote: Cinder : is is specific type of movies or all of them. I have also a8-7600 kodi 14.1 Dsplayer but don't have crashes at the end but this is using standard skin. However I have subtitle issues with not displaying them after download. I tried aracnoz second latest exe but it was stable for me. He has released a new exe with subtitle fix I don't know if it is more stable than second latest.

I have crashes on both movies and tv series, it seems to crash like 80% of the time, sometimes I get lucky and can press 'stop' and get back to the menus. Where do I get the latest exe, is it the one in aracnoz' signature?

(2015-02-14, 09:47)vicmanpergar Wrote: @Cinder

Can't help with the subs, but, about the crashes, u should enable debugging, and do the things u do usually on Kodi, and when it crashes,take a look to the log to locate the possible reasons, or even upload it to pastebin.com and put the link here so ppl can help.
U can also take a look here, though no idea if the case is applicable to u

Here's the link to my log after I crashed it by stopping a video. I also have had Kodi instantly crash on startup, but I dont know if the log shows that.

I looked at the link and changed the Shutdown function to "Minimize", this doesn't crash Kodi when "shutting down", but how do I actually exit Kodi if all I can do is minimize, suspend or shut down the computer? Sometimes I might just want to get back to the desktop and not have Kodi using up resources.

I thought I might mention that all my media is on a NAS, I guess that might be a factor as well.

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