DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
some update...

i added support to change delay to audio and subtitle with FFDshow Audio / Lav Audio / XYVsFilter
at resume dsplayer will remeber the last set delay
I reversed the slider that adjusts the delay, so with DSPlayer if you move the slider forward we will have a delay with a plus sign if the move back a delay with a minus sign
I do not know why dvdplayer is set in opposite ways

then i added support to <latency> <delay> settings that are in advancedsettings.xml
this it's very important to me because maybe not everyone knows that every tv has a different delay for each refresh set
so the video in some cases cannot be in sync with the audio when we set the tv refresh to 24hz to match 24fps/23.976fps
before this modification to support the delay in dsplayer i had to manage everything with my personal external prog
but now it's most simple and elegant solution
this it's my advancedsettings.xml, in this way i've a 150ms delay for all refresh but for 24hz i've 250ms
dsplayer will continue to show delay 0 when you start a movie, but this it's set in the decoder (ffdshowaudio or lav) that will have a offset when we change the delay from kodi

then i fixed the behavior of the Edition in DSPlayer, when eduard has added editions to dsplayer lavfilters was not support this things
but now he does so when you try to launch a mkv with multi chapters DSPlayer fails to play, because he can found the edition streams but he cannot handle in a proper way
now i added the support to editions also with lavfilters

as last thing i added the call getAvailableAudioStreamsChannels() for the python scripts to get audio channels number when playback start without utilize JSONRPC api
i need this information to set my amp automatically "straight" for the media with 6ch or surround pro logic with 2ch
so this last things it's very personal i suppose Smile)


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