DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
after a couple of days now i know that it's not possible to integrate madvr in dsplayer

there are some interfaces provided by madshi but these interfaces are not compatible with Kodi rendering gui system

to have a stable kodi interface on madvr we have need a new intervent from madshi

there is this useful callback RenderOSD that it's called when madvr end the rendering but if i call the Kodi rendering gui from here nothing it's rendered
to show something i have to synchronize the render() thread of Kodi with a CEvent that wait and it's triggered when RenderOSD from madvr it's closed
or create a thread that does the same thing

with this trick we have the magic of Kodi gui on madvr but we cannot blend the texture because the loop issue as you can see in the first video
this loop issue happens because the kodi gui it's rendered in a different Scene that begin after that madvr has ended his scene, but more in general it's not a clean solution, the interface it's rendered wih some flickering anyway

i know that probably the majority of you understand nothing about this but i wrote this report to have a history if some days someone want to proceed with this battle Smile

the conclusion it's that when madvr end his scene do something that make possible to render kodi gui...

so the necessary things are 3

- figure out why when i call the Kodi rendering inside RenderOSD nothing it's rendered and then what's happens next that renderosd it's closed that make the kodi gui rendered properly?
- madshi it's available to investigate for dsplayer community?
- the last thing it's another strange effect... ever nothing that comes from Kodi it's rendered on madvr device until i active the OSD with madvr statistics (Ctrl+J)... without the osd i'm no able to show anything on madvr
and if i close the playback of the video with madvr statistics closed the main menu of kodi has an entire black screen... everything working but the screen it's totally black... so maybe madvr changes some flags in the d3d device when the osd with statistics it's on/off, i made a little trick to have the video and gui rendered without statistics adding a bmp with another madvr interface, an image of a black single pixel positioned in an angle of the screen, but once again, even if you cannot see this pixel, it's a very not elegant solution Smile

that's all


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