DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-03-23, 15:22)Talguy Wrote: Ok guys, This is a bit off topic. I have set up MADVR with MPC-HC but I rarely use it as I like using the kodi interface with my remote, which I don't get with MPC-HC. I'm still a noob and don't know how to customize FFDShow or MADVR to work perfectly with my system. Can anyone provide me with good articles that will help teach me how all the lingo and what to look for when tweaking the settings?

From the little bit that I have run Madvr on my medium power graphics card (GTS450), I can tell the difference. My picture looks so much better than before. If Madvr gets integrated into Kodi I will be updating my graphics card and will truly take the time to learn how to set everything up properly.

Use the madVR settings in my signature. I have the same graphics card. ffdshow is not needed. It is better to do the resizing in madVR. Make sure you update your graphics driver. I would also recommend using MPC-BE for LAV Filters 0.64 because it contains improvements to DXVA2 hardware decoding, but you might as well wait for DSPlayer to include madVR integration.

I am not an expert but I do a lot more reading than most. The guys at Doom9 are encyclopedias on this software but do a poor job of explaining things to others. To configure the software on a high-end card is easy - you just turn everything up to its maximum. On any other card, you have to compromise. Knowing where to compromise is a matter of understanding the chain of events that occurs before madVR renders an image on your screen. For example, chroma upscaling is less important than image scaling but more important than dithering. This is partly due to the fact dithering is the last step in the rendering chain, but also because chroma scaling requires more resources than good dithering. Chroma scaling is used to upscale the chroma (color) information to match the native luma resolution. But, after that, image scaling does all of the work to scale the image to the target resolution. So Image Scaling >> Chroma Upscaling >> Dithering.

This image is a good starting point for understanding the many options in madVR:


If you are scaling to 1080p, I see no reason to upgrade your graphics card. I can turn everything up to max in madVR already. Moving to 4K, you would likely want a card that does NNEDI3 image doubling. Currently, the only one that is future proof with h.265 hardware decoding and HDMI 2.0 is the GTX960, and it is pretty weak. Cards like the Titan are needed for image doubling to higher resolutions. You are best to wait for a card capable of high-end 4K scaling with H.265 hardware acceleration. But it doesn't exist yet.

Life is easier when scaling to 1080p. In a worst-case scenario, you may want NNEDI3 luma doubling for SD content. But you can always move down to Lanczos image scaling to accommodate this because the difference with SD content is not nearly as apparent as content scaled from 1080p or 720p to 4K. If anything, the very aggressive scaling of NNEDI3 may make SD content look worse. It is a waste to use NNEDI3 scaling for 720p content because the scaling factor is only 1.5x and image doubling is overshooting its target. The quality gain is very minimal, and most can't tell the difference over Jinc3+AR.

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