DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-03-25, 09:18)Warner306 Wrote: More observations/questions:

1. There is an inconsistency with how menus work. If I change a setting in Kodi, the same setting is changed in the madVR configuration panels. But, if I change a setting in the madVR configuration panel, the Kodi gui does not report this change. This can be very confusing, as the gui may report chroma upscaling as Bicubic 75, but I already changed it to Bicubic 100 in madVR. The two menus should be in-sync.

2. Some of the video settings need to be greyed-out when the Kodi gui is disabled. I can still adjust image scaling from this screen even though the scaling option does nothing.

3. The Kodi gui becomes very laggy and unresponsive while a video is played.

4. I don't have any 3D LUTs to test, but I question whether gamma processing is working correctly.

My reference image is MPC-BE with LAV Filters. The two are very close, but Kodi displays more noise and is more washed out. I don't think this is an issue with 0-255 vs 16-235 levels, as it isn't that dramatic. I'm not sure if this a weakness of DSPlayer or something that needs to be adjusted. Everything still looks great, but it is not reference. This is why I question if my gamma settings of 2.2 is being respected by DSPlayer. MPC-BE is sharper.

5. Lastly, Full screen exclusive mode can cause crashes if a graphics card does not support it. The screen will turn black before freezing.

I'll post a debug log on the exclusive mode crash.

I plan to post a complete configuration guide of DSPlayer with LAV Filters and madVR on the weekend. Most of it is written already. The madVR portion requires some work.

1. Those 2 menu should not be in-sync, as aracnoz said when you use Kodi GUI it's per file setting not global. So DSPlayer save settings per file. What you change in external madvr panel should not related to Kodi MadVR settings unless you uncheck use Kodi GUI settings. But there is prbably something amiss like when you changed something via GUI it would change MadVR settings while it's playing but when you stop global values maynot return to former values. But I haven't looked into it. Because it's irrelevant to Kodi MadVR settings, DSPlayer would load its own madvr config value everytime it play media.

3. Kodi GUI here works fine with remote. There is rare delay when bring out home menu when the video is playing but it navigates fine.

4. As aracnoz said in DSPlayer it's per file settings and irrelevant from global madvr settings. So what you set outside shouldn't affect DSPlayer MadVR unless you disable Kodi MadVR gui settings.

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