DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2015-04-02, 06:18)oldpoem Wrote:
(2015-04-02, 06:10)dbezerra Wrote: I have an interesting issue. I have seen it with earlier builds as well but didn't have a chance to report until now. I just tested it with the latest MadVR (87.16) and latest Kodi/DSPlayer install from aracnoz.

Issue: Some MKV videos have very dark pictures (wrong, missing colors) when I play them in Kodi using MadVR in either full screen exclusive or full screen overlay. As soon as I press CTRL+Enter to get out of Full screen mode, the picture corrects itself. but if I press CTRL+Enter again, the same problem comes back.

I tested DSPlayer with EVR, MPC-HC with same MadVR / LavFilters and MediaBrowser Theater with LAV & MadVR but I couldn't repro this bug in any of the other environments. So I assume it's something to do with DSPlayer and MadVR integration.

Here is a link to screenshots and a sample video with this problem:

My GPU is a NVidia GTX 760 running the latest NVidia drivers.

Anyone else experimented such issues? aracnoz, Madshi - can you guys take a look and give some suggestions?

Appreciate the help!

I've GTX760 with latest drivers on one of my system. Never experienced this issue. But it seem like something about HW Accelerated gone wrong. Try set it to software in LAVFilters & Kodi and see if it makes difference.

Edit: Downloaded Sample and it plays fine on my DSPlayerMadVR. So I guess something wrong with your setup.

Tried to play with HW acceleration but made no improvements. It really seems to be related to Kodi. Here is what I found now: If I start Kodi in Windowed mode, the video always plays fine - even if I change it to full screen during playback (CTRL+Enter). But if I start Kodi in full mode or full window mode then the video only looks correct when I change the screen to Window during playback.

None of those problems exist when using EVR in Kodi or using MPC-HC/LAV/MadVr.
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