[Apple TV 2] XBMC keeps rebooting
Posting for my father... I can't seem to help in this situation. So responses might be a little slow as they will be relayed to and wait for response. He lives on a boat in Mexico.

Quote:We found a video file that consistently freezes then XBMC auto reboots. Yeah, I know, it’s a Nanny episode (how embarrassing) but there it is. This log file should capture that freezing/rebooting event.

This happens with many different videos but we found this particular file to be especially consistent. It happens that it is an .avi though I don’t know if that is part of the problem. I am digging more now to see if issue exists with other file formats.

It is worth noting that we have never experienced this same issue with XBMC on the mac mini. The same files that freeze and reboot XBMC on the ATV play perfectly well on the other computer. Also, this not a Frodo issue as it has been a problem for quite a while now and was one of the principal reasons for my interest in a fresh jailbreak and the latest XBMC version. I had hopes that would make it all go away. <sigh>

Have confirmed lockup problem is not limited to .avi as it is also occurring with .mp4 and .mkv files

Logs: http://pastebin.com/zhWch6VE
It's the dreaded AFP issue. The current AFP client in XBMC isn't very good and is no longer maintained, so rebooting like this is common. I've seen it happen even using other non iOS XBMC devices. A new AFP client for XBMC wasn't ready in time for v12, but hopefully will be for v13. Till then I would recommend going with another sharing protocol. If the reason for using AFP is because the file server is a Mac running OS X 10.7 or later, then use SMBUp (wiki) to fix the SMB protocol, or check out NFS (wiki) via NFS Manager (wiki).
Thank you.

He has ordered a raspberryPi, not sure if it he will use it to replace the appleTV or the mac mini with it. Going to move his drobo to the router, that way it will share without issue (He has already tested this). I bet he replaces the mini with the rPi.
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