Frodo problems when left in TV menus
I have a ubuntu 12.04 system that has been stably running Eden for a long time. XBMC auto-updated itself to Frodo when released, and now I have repeatable lockups...but in a strange way. When using XBMC, everything is fine; the menus run smooth, the video playback is clean, no stutters or lockups etc. The problem is when I leave the system on a TV menu (ie. I just finished watching a TV show and it drops back to the episode selection) it will not work properly when I return after an indeterminate time. This usually happens overnight, I turn the TV back on in the morning and begin to navigate the menu with the arrow keys on my remote, but after the second or third button press XBMC locks up solid. While it still works, the selection curser will move around the lists, but the fanart/preview screens will not update accordingly.

Now the REALLY strange part, if after watching a show I exit back to the main XBMC menu, it will work fine after an idle night.

I really don't know how to start trouble shooting this, I also have no idea why it only does it when not on the title screen...
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Frodo problems when left in TV menus00